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From a staunch Anti-trinitarian to a confirmed believer in the Eternal Heavenly Trio

What would cause a staunch Anti-trinitarian to change his view on the Godhead? Discover light on this most confusing topic from the journey of one who has ‘been there and done it’. 

The author was raised a Seventh-day Adventist, and in his early teens accepted the Anti-trinitarian view of God. But years later he experienced some unease with these teachings, and chose to search out more thoroughly the Truth for himself. The result: he is now a confirmed believer in the Eternal Heavenly Trio, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

Venue:      Steps to Life, 15 Industrial Park Dr., Lilydale 3140
Dates:      Sabbath, March 17, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Contact:  03 9739 4093


No Bookings required - No Cost -  Light Meal provided

A Two Part Series

Session 1 - Why I left the Anti-trinitarian Movement 

This program gives an overview of the evidence that changed Joel's view on the Godhead. It answers two basic questions: 

  1. Is Jesus Eternal God like the Father?
  2. Is the Holy Spirit an Individual person?

2 - The Pioneers & the Omega of Deadly Heresies 

The concluding program answers another key question: Is the Godhead part of the pillars of our faith that God lead our pioneers to establish? This program also addresses the claims on anti-trinitarians who claim that the Godhead is the Omega of Deadly Heresies that Ellen White warned us about. 

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Undisputedly we live in the crumbling toes of Earth’s history described by prophet Daniel as the ‘time of the end’.  The events that will soon take place, will exceed in every respect, what has happened before in the history of our world.  It will all happen as God allows it to.  It is the climax of the battle between God and Satan!  Come and join Pastor Justis St Hilaire as he leads us though the coming period of Earth’s history and gives us encouragement to stay strong, be faithful and be ready to meet Jesus at His Second Coming.


  • Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak No Evil - Parts 1 and 2
  • Great Balls of Fire!
  • Abomination of Desolation - Parts 1 - 3

Bonus: The Mystery of the Trinity - Parts 1 -3 - Thursday April 12, start 10:30am at Steps to Life Studio - 15 Industrial Park Drive, Lilydale.

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Pastor Justis St. Hilaire has served for the last 10 yrs. as the British Columbian Conference Evangelist. His responsibilities have also included pastoral care for two churches located, respectively, in Cherryville, and the Silver Hills Health Retreat. Previously, Pastor Justis has also served in the Alberta Conference as evangelist and pastor, as well as the Newfoundland Conference on the east coast of Canada. His lovely wife Roseann is a stay at home mother for their two daughters Janaya and Michelle. Pastor Justis has also been supportive of the conference acting in the capacity of apologist to assist pastors within his conference dealing with controversial and devisive subjects. His main love and passion is to help others and himself to get ready for the coming of the King.

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