While the overriding theme of this series is the human mind, we will begin with the fall of Lucifer. This most excellent created being began to corrupt himself with faulty thinking, which led to outright rebellion against God. Tragically, his evil spirit has poisoned our little world. All the wars, assaults, rapes, crude jesting, violence, and immorality is due to our fallen nature and faulty thinking. If we could become born again and receive a renewed mind, we could become the salt of the earth, and help to bring healing to suffering humanity.  The new birth experience makes thinking right and from this follows all our behaviour and the development of a Christlike character.

Who is Dr. Jeff Wehr?

Dr. Jeffrey D Wehr has served in the Lord’s work as a pastor, professor, speaker, and writer. He is the author of several books, including commentaries on the books of Daniel, Revelation, Romans, Hebrews, and the Epistles of John. He completed his undergraduate degree in history, and his graduate work with a Masters in Theological Studies, and a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. Jeff and his wife live in the state of Ohio, and have two children, Nathan and Laura. 

  • We are more than just a body, we are a whole package.
  • So how can the body, soul and spirit work harmoniously to have a healthy and meaningful life?
  • Can we shift from being self-centred to God-centred in the healing process?
  • What is our part and what is God’s part in this process?

This 3 part workshop will look at these questions in relationship to our individual journey in healing and integrating the body, soul and spirit so we can grow and fulfil our true God given potential.

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