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Pr. Walter Veith Will Answer Your Questions About What Bible Prophecy Says Concerning Where We are in the End Time of Earth’s History.

Pr. Veith, in conjunction with Martin Smith, has recently been releasing on YouTube a series of high impact presentations entitled What’s Up? Prof.  This is your opportunity to ask Pr. Veith your questions on the end time scenario that is happening in Heaven and on Earth right now.  

We highly recommend that you do some pre-viewing of some of the What’s up? Prof.  YouTube discussions.  Use your search engine and type in What’s up? Prof to find them.

Zoom Program Protocols and the Q & A Process.

  • No audible verbal questions will be accepted on the day.
  • Please send in questions you want answered, in advance, by Tuesday, September 15
  • Your questions will be forwarded to Pr. Veith and he will answer them in a rough order of receipt.
  • ‘Chat’ function questions to the Zoom host will be passed on to Pr. Veith, if time permits.
  • Please avoid ‘Chatting’ with other participants during the program because this can become distracting.

All participants will remain muted throughout the program.

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