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Pr Stephen Bohr responds to Pr David Gate's video

by Joel Ridgeway

Steps to Life is forwarding the following article by Pr Stephen Bohr called: A Response to David Gates: " The Door is About to Close Are You Ready?" It is a very important article, well worth the read. Please pass this on to your friends. The article starts as follows: A recent internet message by David Gates has caused quite a sensation among many in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. At Secrets Unsealed, we have received numerous emails, text messages and phone calls askin...

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November/December Newsletter

by Brian Way

Dear STL Supporter,  Truth:  Does It Matter Anymore?  What is It? Does freedom of speech mean that a person is free to say anything?  And can what is said tomorrow be very different from today and it still be truth?  And what is truth any way? Revelation 13: 11, 12 describes in a few brief but graphic words a process commencing with the founding of the USA, which is still in full swing today on a multitude of fronts. It will climax with the enforced worship ...

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What Is Wrong With The Seventh-day Adventist Message?

As one of the ‘Coming Out’ Ministries speaking team, there are two things that amaze me. I am amazed at all the open doors given to us to speak.  Both domestically and internationally, we are invited to share our messages of redemption from lives of self-destruction and degradation in the LGBT culture (twenty-seven years ago for myself). We praise the Lord for the reception we receive from those who invite us and hear the marvelous workings of our Savior for the likes of ...

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