Zoom in With Steps to Life (Aust) to Dr. Norman McNulty speaking and answering your questions about Prophecy and The Sunday Law.

Sabbath, October 17, 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Bible prophecy tells us that Sunday law is coming to our world.

  • What do you know about what prophecy tells us?
  • What are current events telling us is happening right now?
  • How should we prepare for the inevitable?
  • What roles do ‘the beast’ and the ‘image to the beast’ play in introducing Sunday law?
  • How will this effect our seventh-day Sabbath keeping?

Who is Dr. Norman McNulty?

He is the author of the recently published, much in demand, book - Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment HourHe is a familiar speaker on AudioVerse and a deep student of Bible prophecy. He enjoys studying and teaching the Adventist prophetic message in his free time. He has also been involved in several young adult ministries in the United States and is an elder of his local church. He is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

Prophecy and The Sunday Law will be a presentation not to be forgotten!


Norman McNulty's book:


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