Pr Stephen Bohr responds to Pr David Gate's video

, by Joel Ridgeway

Steps to Life is forwarding the following article by Pr Stephen Bohr called:

A Response to David Gates:
"The Door is About to Close Are You Ready?"

It is a very important article, well worth the read. Please pass this on to your friends. The article starts as follows:

A recent internet message by David Gates has caused quite a sensation among many in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. At Secrets Unsealed, we have received numerous emails, text messages and phone calls asking what we think of his message. In addition, as I have traveled, many have sought my personal opinion of his remarks. What I think is not important. What is important is whether his message squares with the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.

Before I respond to David’s complex prophetic scenario, I would like to make something clear. I respect David’s unreserved commitment to the Lord’s cause. He has made huge personal and family sacrifices to carry forward the work of GMI. He has inspired scores of youth to enter mission service. He travels tirelessly pursuing broadcast opportunities for present truth. I share David’s longing for revival and reformation in the church—it is a dire need. No one can question David’s commitment to the Lord, his sincerity and His longing passion for the coming of Jesus. I have spent quality time with David. I have traveled on his plane, roomed with him at a youth event in Panama where one evening in the midst of a torrential rainstorm, we discussed Revelation’s seven seals for over three hours. My response to David’s message as follows in no way questions his love for the Lord, his personal integrity or his sincerity.

Areas of Agreement

I agree with the intention of David’s message. Like him, I believe that all the signs of the times are coalescing, indicating that the coming of Jesus is near. I agree with his call to be ready, awake, with lamps burning and I agree with his urgent call that the church must wake up and prepare for the events that will soon explode upon the world scene. I share his deep concerns about what is happening in our own beloved church—hasty baptisms, irreverent music...

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