May 25, 2018, Steps to Life Newsletter

, by Brian Way

Does the Steps to Life Team Make a Difference in Anyone’s Lives?
That includes you, if you contribute to the operation of STL in some way!  
The STL Team includes everyone who supports us in any way – like when you buy from us books, DVD’s, MP3’s, health products, attend a health or spiritual seminar and make a donation or offering.  We don’t operate to make a profit.  We exist to spread the news of the need to be ready for Jesus’ imminent return.  We spread ‘Present Truth’.  In fact, we have non-profit operating status with the ATO.  All monies received go into covering operating expenses and then into the continued operation of STL, like the next round of seminars, the production of new DVDs, the next purchase of book stock for resale and so on.  
The STL Team includes all the volunteers who man cameras, operate the sound recording, who provide flowers for seminars, unload the books, DVDs and health products from the trailer, display all of these items and then reload the trailer again so that we can be on our way to the next location.  We promote balanced wholefood, plant based eating and natural health solutions, where possible, because the health of our bodies effects our minds which discern spiritual truths.
The Team includes our Media Producer and IT support.  Those that work at STL on a daily or part time basis.  Our Bookkeeper.  The folks who envelope all of our mail-outs.  It includes those wonderfully generous people who host our guest speakers in their homes, and us, as we travel around with the seminars.  And then there are the STL directors.  It’s a big Team.  Have we left anyone out?  If so we apologise.  We value your contribution as well.
So, does all that the Team members contribute to make a difference in anyone’s lives?
Definitely yes!  
Here are some comments of appreciation from a range of individuals from within Australia and from overseas who have grown, and continue to grow, spiritually, because of the work of the STL Team.
Pam - As a relatively new Adventist, STL has been meeting my needs at many levels. The seminars and materials they have available have helped supplement my growing knowledge of Adventism, apostate Protestantism, the state of the world and how it relates to the Bible and finally how to improve my health.  Thank you STL you have been a lifeline for me. 
Ross and Kaye  - We would like to express our sincere thanks to our friends at STL for a ministry that has spiritually blessed, uplifted and challenged us as we have listened to speaker after speaker preaching SOLID BIBLE TRUTH over the whole spectrum of Seventh-day Adventist doctrines.   We praise God for this ministry.
Gitta - The STL newsletter has always been of interest to me personally, I value it very much, as it gives me the up to date information. I like to be in contact with you, it is a wonderful blessing to me, I hope that everyone who receives it will actually read it. Thank you very much STL and God bless you.
Michael - Though a born again Protestant for many years, I only became an Adventist recently through Walter Veith. While looking for his DVDs, I discovered STL.  Here I’ve been very pleased to also find truly excellent Bible-based literature, speakers, seminars, and health programs as well as fellowship.
Mark - STL with its range of books, DVDs and the speakers it brings to Australia, preaching the message of salvation by grace through faith in the context of the Three Angel’s Messages and
associated prophecy, brings a timely message to me that I don’t usually get from the pulpit in Australia.  We are living in the toes of the Daniel chapter 2 vision and need to be ready for the ‘Stone’ (Jesus!) cut out without hands coming to our world to finish the battle with sin.  STL supplies my spiritual needs.  Thanks STL!
Tanya - Its about seven years now since I first went to the STL website.  What a great resource for people isolated in the Outback country.  I could source foods that I couldn’t get locally.  Next came the amazing wealth of knowledge shared with the love of Jesus of our present truth message – the Three Angel’s Messages – which I knew little about then. Over the years I have been kept well informed by STL of events of prophetic fulfilment happening around the globe, as well as fallacies that some are putting forward, by the amazing STL speakers that help me dig deeper into the Word of God.
The health message, the programs run at the STL Studio for the local community and filmed so that anyone can have access to these materials have helped so many people. The ability to talk with STL staff when I have had hard questions and they have been able to answer the questions and to open the doors to the knowledge God wants us to share with the World as we come to the close of it’s probation.
Through STL I have formed a network of supporting friends even though we are interstate.  These friendships have been of great value to me especially when I live so far from a local church.
Praise God for the ministering which STL does, not only in my life but in many others.  Souls won for the Kingdom of God.  
Andy - STL is what I believe to be a wonderful ministry that is led by God.  It has positively impacted not only myself but countless others, especially by the relevant present truth filled messages that are sadly not preached enough in these last days.
Nicolene - I was confronted by the truth in God’s Word after critically investigating and typing out the ‘God’s Final Call’ series by Mark Woodman (As filmed by STL and distributed world wide).  All glory to God for enabling me to accept His complete Truth! 
The present truth influence of STL goes out like ripples in a pond continually from our in-house, online shop and events we conduct.  The knowledge gained, the DVDs produced, the books purchased and the commitments to Christ made are shared with family and friends.  We appreciate so much all who share with us in our mission.  
Why not join our Team as you are able to, by attending our seminars, volunteering in some way, making a donation, purchasing books, DVDs and health promoting products from our shop, sharing our resources with family and friends and by doing so share in our mission?  Our contact details are in this Newsletter.
Jesus said to his disciples Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark16: 15).  He also said that when his disciples have witnessed unto all nations, then the end shall come. (Matthew 24: 14).  STL wants to help complete the gospel commission as soon as possible so that the end comes sooner rather than later.  Do you? 
Coming Events at Steps to Life
Sabbath Afternoon, June 2, 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm:  Women’s Ordination Controversy:  ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’?
Do you have questions in your mind like - 
• What does the Bible says about Women’s Ordination?
• What does Ellen White say about Women’s Ordination?
• How sensitive should we be to cultural practices and attitudes of the 21st century?
• What is the difference between pastoral Ordination and Commissioning?
Pastor Rod Anderson of Orchard Seventh-day Adventist Church, who has researched the Women’s Ordination topic thoroughly in consultation with many of his Adventist pastor colleagues, will present his conclusions, in a two part presentation, on these questions and more.  There will be time to answer your questions after each of pastor Rod’s presentations.
Venue:  Steps to Life, 15 Industrial Park Dve, Lilydale.  No bookings required.  A light meal will be served between presentations.  A freewill retiring offering will be collected to help defray expenses. 15% off all items in store on June 2nd, when shop opens after Sunset.
Sabbath Afternoon, August 18, 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm:  Surviving Abuse and Becoming a Seventh-day Adventist – Pam McCrohan Shares her Inspiring Personal Testimony of God’s Leading.
Pam has agreed to share her remarkable and uplifting personal testimony of how God has rescued her from an abusive past that included spiritualistic/occultist influences and how God has led her to appreciate the end time message of Adventism and the importance of Ellen White in being the lesser light that leads us to the greater light.
Venue:  Steps to Life, 15 Industrial Park Dve, Lilydale.  No bookings required.  A light meal will be served between presentations.  A freewill retiring offering will be collected to help defray expenses
Christian greetings from Cherryl and the STL Team.
Brian Way/Programs Co-ordinator.
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