July 25, 2018, Steps to Life Newsletter

, by Brian Way


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Repairing the Breach - Messages from NehemiahSurviving Abuse and Becoming a Seventh-day Adventist

Dear STL Supporter,

What’s the Steps to Life Team Been Up to Since May?

In our last Newsletter we shared with you a sample of comments we receive from STL team members from around the country telling us what STL means to them and how it helps them in their personal witness.

In this Newsletter we will share how STL supports these good folk who are looking for Jesus’ impending return and who want to be effective witnesses for Him.  Together we make up an extensive team witnessing in Australia and beyond.  You too, can be an attractive member of the STL team if you want.

Regularly, we are contacted by folks who are looking for present truth spiritual resources to share with strangers, friends and close family.  We try and help by recommending the pamphlets, small and larger books, CD’s and DVD’s which meet the needs of the enquirer.  Where the resources wanted are in sufficient quantity, we are happy to offer a discount.

STL team members help us by recommending speakers we might host, topics they would like to hear spoken on and resources we might stock that they have found to be a blessing.  We really appreciate their suggestions.  Your suggestions in this regard would also be much appreciated.  Where possible we access resources suggested we don’t stock, to enable STL team members to obtain them.

A little while back we had a mother who works as a health professional come in looking for a gift for her teenage son who was about to have a birthday.  She purchased a large illustrated Great Controversy book and then came back a few days later because she felt impressed to share the same book with her son’s friend. He wanted one as well.  Both teenage boys really liked their present.  It was a privilege to help the mum to identify the gift that would be just right.  Frequently people come into our shop or shop with us online, to obtain a gift that contains the words of life.  We count them as team members as they carry out what God has placed on their hearts.

We regularly have enquiries from all around the country for healthy living cookbooks for people to use themselves but also to give away as presents to friends, neighbours and family who they are encouraging to eat healthfully.   They find healthy vegan recipes a conversation starter helping them to share their faith.

Then there are those conducting Bible studies in their homes or with church groups.  Recently one such person, who has a study group of around 20 youth, all children of migrants to Australia, wanted to get a resource that could be used to study with them.  The group had just finished studying through the Book of Revelation.  The group’s leader now wants to lead them through a study of the underpinnings of early Adventism which emphasises the importance of the Adventist Church’s core beliefs.  He chose the book Daniel and Revelation (Uriah Smith).  We were able to help him by offering a discount for the quantity he wanted.  We also helped him identify a book that he can use to follow on from Daniel and Revelation when the group has worked through it.

We constantly have comments and requests from people who are hungry for preaching that keeps them alert to the fact that we are living very close to Jesus’ soon return.  How long will God allow the angels to hold back the winds of strife?  Do we consider the end time sequences and topics frequently enough these days?  Where do they find out about what is happening in the world of religion, events in the natural world and politics as it applies to end time events?  We carry a large range of DVDs and books that meet their needs and they in turn share their DVDs.  It’s great to be all working together in this way.

When Jesus, who is ministering on our behalf as our High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary, finishes His work, then probation closes and the fate of those declared righteous and unrighteous is determined for eternity.  Revelation 22: 10 to 12 says - And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.  He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.  With God’s help and working as a team supporting each other, we can do the best we can to give as many people the chance to be ready for this event.

Every time STL runs a program and invites a presenter we do it in some way to recognise the age in which we live, to encourage an awareness of the imminent return of Jesus and to help people grow spiritually.

The angel’s words of Revelation 22 are constantly in our minds - Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.  As each working day at STL commences those in the building kneel in prayer and ask God for His guidance and leadership.

As team members, could you please keep us in your prayers, too?

During May/June STL completed the filming and production of the Women’s Ordination Controversy six part DVD series (Have you seen it yet?), ran a Sabbath afternoon meeting on the same topic, have been finalising plans for our September seminar series with pastor Andreas Mellas from Canada. (As seen on AD TV).   We have been planning for a Sabbath afternoon testimony presentation in our studio by Pamela McCrohan and started planning with speakers for our major seminars in 2019.  And then there will be another two series of health presentations. (More information coming shortly).  Unless we finalise dates and venues this far ahead it is difficult to secure suitable places to hold the meetings and avoid clashes with other events.

We have promoted the proposed tour to Australia of Coming Out Ministries in November of this year (See our last News Flash for full details – would you like to have this group speak in your church or home?  If so, contact STL and we will pass on your details to Pastor Ron Woolsey).  We sent out advertising material via the internet to all our subscribers in Western Australia and Victoria advising of the dates and locations to hear Tim Saxton from Whitehorse Media speak.  And what a refreshing blessing that opportunity was to those who attended!

As well we have processed all the orders that come our way for spiritually uplifting books and DVDs.  These have gone all over Australia and to countries beyond Australia’s shores.  We thank God for the unique opportunity to be of service.

STL really appreciates your willingness to be part of our team in someway.  Thank you.

Pastor Andreas and Elida Mellas’ Coming Seminar Tour for STL:  Messages from Nehemiah for the Last Days.  September 14 to 16 (Melbourne), September 21, 22 (Sydney) and Various Country Locations as in the Advertising Flyer.(See enclosed flyer for full details).

**** Owing to a clashing with Brisbane big camp, please note that unfortunately there will not be a meeting in Beenleigh for this series only.  DVD’s will be available

Pastor Andreas Mellas is regularly seen on Amazing Discoveries satellite TV.  He was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and is of Greek heritage. He considers the three best decisions of his life to be accepting Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord, marrying his dear wife and partner in the ministry - Elida, and answering the honourable call of God to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Andreas considers it his privilege and passion to study, preach, teach and strive to live God’s Word in his daily life. He desires earnestly to reach people for Christ by example and action.  The Mellas’ are looking forward to meeting with you at his seminars!

Surviving Abuse and Becoming a Seventh-day Adventist.  Pamela McCrohan’s Testimony, Sabbath Afternoon, August 18, 4.00 to 7.00 pm in the Steps to Life Studio, Lilydale. (See the flyer for full details.)

Pamela has agreed to share her remarkable and uplifting personal testimony of how God has rescued her from an abusive past that included spiritualistic/occultist influences and how God has led her to appreciate the end time message of Adventism and the importance of Ellen White in being the lesser light that leads us to the greater light.  For those living too far from our studio to attend we will be producing a DVD of Pamela’s inspiring story of God’s leading in her life.

Venue:  Steps to Life, 15 Industrial Park Dve, Lilydale.  No bookings required.  A light meal will be served between presentations.  A freewill retiring offering will be collected to help defray expenses.

Christian greetings from Cherryl and the STL Team.

Brian Way/Programs Co-ordinator.

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